Bonimel with royal jelly
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Bonimel with royal jelly

In many academic publications, we can find information about beneficial effects of bee products on our health. A Polish renowned scholar, Professor Bogdan Kędzia, in his numerous academic papers and his book on apitherapy, recommends eating royal jelly when you suffer from coronary artery disease, or gout, during anti-cancer therapy, and in lower vitality in men.


It is impossible to clearly state that herbs cure cancer. However, modern science makes us hope that one day this will be proved.

So far, the anti-cancer effects of some plants have been proved basing on some studies on cancer cells and tissues and involving laboratory animals. There has been little research conducted on patients with cancer. Therefore, as yet, we have not had enough scientific evidence, which is also consistent with evidence-based medicine, to clearly and definitely state that herbs cure cancer.

With the current state of knowledge, it is only an assumption that herbal products have anti-cancer effects.

We all need food, so why don't we eat products that might have health-promoting properties, especially when doing so is safe.

That is our opinion which we based on results from research studies collected in a book on preventive care and phytotherapy (Polish title: “Profilaktyka zdrowotna i fitoterapia”) as well as on 40 years of our experience in phytotherapy.

Manufacturer: BONIMED, Laboratory of Natural Medicine, Stawowa 23, 34-300 Żywiec, Poland


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