Czystek – cistus drops
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Czystek – cistus drops

Dietary supplement

Because the product contains cistus (rockrose) extract, it helps protect your body from free radicals, and supports the body cells and tissues protection against oxidative damage. It supports the immune system, and helps strengthen the body’s defense system against infectious diseases, such as Lyme disease.

Dietary supplements should not be treated as a substitute (replacement) of a varied diet.
Do not exceed recommended daily intake during the day.

A healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet is the best way to maintain good health.

Ingredients: Cistus herb alcoholic extract (Cistus incanus Linne).

Recommended daily intake of the product (3 teaspoons which is 7.5 ml) contains: Cistus herb alcoholic extract 7.5 ml.

Recommended daily intake of the product: 7.5 ml (1 teaspoon 3 times per day).
The product can be diluted in a small amount of water before use.


Caution: Because the product contains alcohol, you should consider that before using it if you have an alcohol problem or acute pancreatitis.

Don’t use it if you are allergic to the product ingredients.

Oral drops: 100 ml

Manufacturer: BONIMED, Laboratory of Natural Medicine, Stawowa 23, 34-300 Żywiec, Poland


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